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Terrain Park Design

High Five Snowparks GmbH is offering services for design, setup, maintenance / continuous care, removal and infrastructure of snowparks and similar slope design. Planning and execution of marketing activities, event management and consulting are also core services of our portfolio. An intense customer care plays an important role at High Five Snowparks. Our main services are listed below.


Infrastructure and design are orientated on the needs and the selected area chosen by the customer. With analyzing this data we can develop customized solutions. Efficient solutions and a creative design of the different “lines” through the park aligned by difficulty level are having priority for us.


Every day maintenance, aligned on weather conditions is a must for an excellent snowpark. Park setup, maintenance and removal (after winter) is fully organized and executed with skilled staff provided by High Five Snowparks. The staff is provided on site to ensure an ideal organization and execution of the daily care snowpark and infrastructure. Snowpark care means for us also to keep focusing on a continuous redesign of the park during the whole winter season.


We at High Five Snowparks emphasize the overall safety of your snowpark. That means reasonable use of entries, exits, barriers, fences and signs. To prevent dangerous spots and situations in the park it is crucial to establish a infrastructure with a deliberated design.


High Five Snowparks has got a network of different cooperation partners to offer any type of snowpark events. A wide range of contest formats are offered – from small jam sessions to big slopestyle events – depending on the type and terrain of your snowpark. Also special events can be realized, like opening or season ending events and BBQs.


Professional video and photo shootings can be organized in a useful order around the whole winter/park season, as well as film and photographically backing of all type of events. Special shootings (e.g. different times of the day, like sunrise, night or drone) are also available and can be planned to create exclusive public relations material for your ski resort.


As one of our core competencies we are offering maintenance for your online and social media presence. If you favor to leave over all maintenance of your online presence to High Five Snowparks or if you favor a kind of online marketing cooperation with us, we are sure to find a fitted solution for your snowpark.


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